FRIENDS Weight Loss is a new endeavor brought about by amazing results with weight loss and naturalistic healing. Friends W.L. came together with the thoughts and dreams of becoming healthy and sharing that knowledge to help others’ become healthy as well. It all started with a dream.

aboutJ.J. was a flight attendant for 31 years with United Airlines.  She was based in Washington D.C. her entire career.  She moved to W.Va. in 1982 so her three-yr-old daughter could be raised in the country.  She married Michael T Myers in 1994.  J.J. was certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition in 2008.  She was trained and certified in Nutritional Response Testing in 2009.  In 2012 she went to Indianapolis, Ind., and became a Certified Natural Health Professional.  She is also certified in Iridology and became a Naturopathic Doctor in March of 2017.  J.J. currently practices out of Friends Wellness Center, located in Martinsburg, W. Va.