May 14, 2014 was the day I met J.J., the lady that was going to teach me how to improve my health.  The first thing she said to me was, “Did you know that God sent you here?”  I cried then said, “How did you know”?  So she explained how she always prays before a new client comes in to meet with her.

She said don’t tell me your health issues. I’m here to tell you what I find. She could see my feet were swollen, I had tremors and my hair was falling out.  I keep rubbing my wrist that was swollen.  I had severe brain fog from the medications and pain meds. Today I tell people I’m recovering from these medical issues.  I had been dealing with Psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and acute pain.

She asked me the big question,” are you willing to Eat Right For Your Blood Type”? Eat no wheat, no refined sugar and go gluten free. I was in acute pain and was willing to give it a try, so I said, Yes I’m on board.  I was so tired of steroid shots and pain medication that affected my body and brain and had tried Enbrel & Humira.

J.J. Myers is a Iridologist, N.D. She took a picture of my eyes with an Iridology camera and it went on to her computer.  So next time when we met she would give me her report of findings. I had extreme inflammation in my body. And even though my thyroid test always came back normal, she could see I had a thyroid issue.   I had to keep a food log so she would help me learn what to eat right for my blood type.  JJ put me on an all-natural protein drink and then I started on a food enzymes supplement to help heal my stomach because my stomach always hurt after eating.  Three days after taking the protein drink I was amazed I no longer felt like someone had given me a sleeping pill. As I use to nap each day.

Now to get to a wonderful place, my body is getting better.  I was on Enbrel on May14th and by the 4th week on my new program, I no longer needed to take Enbrel. Remember each time I saw J.J. she would add another supplement. I started feeling better so fast it was a wonderful feeling.

By July I asked my family doctor if she would do a cholesterol test. I no longer needed a cholesterol medication and by that time I was off of my 5th medication. Oh, along this path I had lost over 20 lbs. Exercise is very important and that is something I want to improve. Remember for so many years I’ve had severe pain so I’m trying to teach my brain that it’s okay to exercise. Wish me Luck.

So now we are into October my pain had improved so much that when it rained my body didn’t hurt. So I thought I have done so well I will allow myself to eat 1 piece of pizza and then 4 days later I had blueberry pancakes. Then a few days later I sat on the floor and put my hips out of place. As a result of not eating right I went into a big flare up with inflammation in my hip and buttocks.

So J.J. had me increase my Silver Shield, Probiotic Eleven and other supplements to help relieve the inflammation and severe pain.  With the help of my chiropractor and Nature’s Sunshine supplements, within a few weeks I started to improve.

My first thoughts were oh no I don’t want to start back on my Enbrel. Thanks to JJ and the supplements I have been taking, my health has improved greatly.  As of today I’m still off my 5 medications and on the path to a healthy life.

–       Joye Mosher